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Benefits of Fingerprinting Technology. The fingerprint is a unique feature..

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Benefits of Fingerprinting Technology.

The fingerprint is a unique feature that is used to automatically identify an individual. Every single human being has a different kind of fingerprint formation on every finger and different from everyone else. The concept of fingerprint verification has existed for thousands of years in Asia. Over thirty years ago, criminals were arrested as their fingerprints could easily be identified by the police officers. Individuals could access buildings in 1970 using fingerprints when the pilot project began.

In the current times, due to the need for high-security measures, the biometric fingerprint has become a common measure of safety. Biometric systems work by identifying the small valleys on an individual’s fingers. The reliability and accuracy of a fingerprint is present since they cannot be lost or stolen. As technological advancements have been made, organizations can greatly benefit from fingerprinting. Several major industries benefit from this move in technology. More effective monitoring of employees takes place in offices more accurately. Number of hours clocked in by an employee can easily be verified using this method. The biometric market is growing rapidly across the world as it is more secure and confidential. The benefits of fingerprinting will be pointed out below.

Small and large scale projects are ran using fingerprinting by the government. You cannot compare the use of fingerprint technology to use of manual cards at all. The government uses this technology in areas such as registration of voters, border control and citizens registering for ePassports. Border management has greatly benefited from the fingerprinting verification process and made work easier. Airport security has begun implementing fingerprint biometric which facilitates smooth travels and boosts tourism. There is, therefore, no need to carry many documents while traveling as the biometric system replaces all those documents. A fingerprint-based system is used to create a database in given countries for the registration of voters.

Organizations make use of the biometric system experience full productivity from their employees as their office hours are monitored. These helps the organization come up with a better payroll record as employees are paid according to the hours shown on the biometric system. Fingerprinting increases the productivity of employees as it encourages them to be more accountable by creating a trail that can be audited in the future. Resources that are replaces by the fingerprint system can be put to better use.

The banking sector greatly benefits from the use of biometric fingerprints. Data and financial records can be stored securely with minimal risks of being opened by individuals who do not have access. Transactions involving large amounts of cash can be transacted both within and without the bank without any worries.

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